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Conner Creek Academy East Goals



Prepare students for further education by:

Developing academic knowledge and skills.
Stimulating critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Providing exposure to educational technology.
Requiring participation in a diversified curriculum.


Offer student’s guidelines and instruction for a healthy relationship by:

Nurturing a healthy sense of self-worth.
Encouraging the development of positive behavior toward all humanity.
Teaching the recognition and understanding of authority.
Fostering a wholesome respect for human life.
Cultivating a sense of responsibility for others.
Encouraging participation in wholesome activities.


Encourage students to value physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle by:

Providing students with a variety of opportunities to develop physical skills.
Training students to be physically fit.
Providing students with a knowledge of physiology and general health care.


Nurture students in adjusting to life’s situations by:

Encouraging the development of self-discipline and control.
Teaching guidelines for establishing an emotional balance in the decision making process.


Offer students exposure to and instruction in the arts and help students appreciate, experience, and create beauty by:

Encouraging skills in the fine arts: i.e., painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Developing appreciation and talents in different forms and types of music.
Nurturing an appreciation and providing opportunities for experiencing a variety of literary types: i.e., poetry, plays, novels, and essays.